From the President – Welcome to 2018!

Welcome to 2018! I am so excited to welcome you to our new website! My goal for this first blog is to let you know about my goals and the board’s goals for the Association this year. This will be the second/last year for the existing board and elections will be held this fall for 2019-2020. Many of us are eligible for reelection and may choose to run again. We’ll let you know who is doing what when it gets closer (and if you’re interested in running and have questions, feel free to talk to me about it). We have some lofty goals for this year and hope to get as much done as possible while we have this amazing team!

  1. Technology – This new website is goal #1! Check! We will continue to monitor it for needed changes, updates, etc. It’ll always be a work in progress but we hope this new format is much easier to read and navigate. The second part of that is online registrations – If you came to the seminar, you may have registered through EventBrite! This online platform allows us to organize registration and streamline payment so we can better predict who is coming to meetings and make things easier upon arrival. We will be doing this more and more. The “mail it to our PO Box” method is unreliable and time consuming for everyone. The Vendor & Entertainer Showcase registration is now open through EventBrite too!
  1. Budget – it’s been asked many times “now that we have money, what are we going to do with it?” We need to answer that question. If you’re new to the Association, we had some dire financial issues in the past and we are just now on top of that and are in the black again and are making progress. But so what? Our next goal is to create a budget. There has not been a streamlined budget in this Association for a while (I’ve been on the board since 2012 and have never seen one, there may have been one but I don’t know). That’s where we have to start. We want to have paid speakers, our own supplies (we borrow a projector and laptop for each meeting), scholarships, marketing budgets, and more! To do that, we have to make a budget. When it’s completed, you’ll get to look it over and see what you think. If there’s something you think we need to budget for, you can talk to me or Shauna.
  1. 501-c3 – non-profit status. There is a lot that goes into becoming a 501-c3 organization. We want to go through those steps. Finances are a huge part of that. Without a budget, we can’t even start the path. So, see goal #2! We will be looking into hiring a lawyer, accountant, or some other person of expertise to help with this. If you know someone who has experience with this, we’d love to work with them! Part of being non-profit is that we have to have places where our money goes – it doesn’t mean that we don’t make money, it means that the money we make goes back into the association. We want to invest in you! Have ideas? Tell me about them!

There are my three main goals for this year. We have lots of other goals (like having better speakers, better communication, and increasing membership) but I feel like that all will come when we streamline our Association and raise our status as a professional organization. We’d love to have your help and support in this! This could mean offering to help with one of these goals, contacting other facilities in your area, sharing our Facebook group and encouraging fellow activity directors to join our group or things we haven’t even thought of. Feel free to contact me anytime with ideas, suggestions, or offers to help. My work email is My home email is Until then, see you on Facebook!

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