It’s All About “Person-Centered Care”

Finally!  The national regulations are catching up with what we have been doing for years and years! And it’s about time!

Natalie B. Davis, ACC, gave the presentation on “Actions for Compliance” at our May 21, 2018, meeting. As usual, whenever Nat presents, we NEVER have enough time. However, she highlighted key items relating to the newly revised Federal Requirements of Participation, specifically F-Tag 561 – “Self-Determination,” F-Tag 679 – “Activities,” and F-Tag 565 – “Resident Council,” and F-Tag 744 – “Dementia.”  Suffice it to say, we are in the perfect positions to help implement these new regulations within our communities and even help teach co-workers and administrators the techniques we are all so familiar with already. Areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

  1. Listen to the Resident – what do THEY want? How can we comply? “Give life back to the person whose life it is.”
  2. Be aware of A.N.E. (Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation). Always keep in mind Internal Locus of Control (“I control”) vs. External Locus of Control (“You control others.”)
  3. Do you KNOW the resident? Ask, “Is that a convenient time for you?” And find out what did they really like to do? What was their passion?
  4. Availability of Transportation accommodation is a key factor in “self-determination.”

The bottom line: What is MEANINGFUL for this person? (Sound familiar?)

Natalie stated she hopes to have a Saturday Series class in the near future during which she will outline in more detail all that these new regs impact.  Watch our Facebook page for the announcement and if you can get there, GET THERE! There is still so much to learn.  Thank you, Natalie, for your consistent wisdom and education for all of us.

And thank you, Beccye for leading the meeting in Hayley’s absence. You done good! 🙂

Jill L. Brooks, AAC

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