Activity Professionals are Groovy!

If you weren’t able to join us for the September 2018 annual APAGD Seminar, you missed a great time and some very important information and updates! Just to give you a flavor of what went on, here are a few photos.

Topics covered were:

“Music Therapy, the Artful Science of Working with Older Adults” – Tiffany Wyndham, MTBC

“The Art of Happiness” – Danny Mack

“Design 4 Dementia” – Rose Vera, LVN, LNFA, CALM, MBA

“There’s No Place Like Home: Approaches for Transitional Care Patients” – Susan McKinney, CTRS, CADDCT, CDP

“The Activity of Stillness” – Laura Sarna

“Creating a Program of Purpose: Helping People Living with Dementia Find Meaning in the Moment” – Clair Jameson

If you happened to miss last November’s Seminar, hang onto your hats! There’s another coming this November! Watch our Facebook page and this website for registration information.

Jill L. Brooks, AAC


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