Frequently-Asked Questions

What is APAGD?

The Activity Professionals Association of Greater Dallas (APAGD) is a volunteer organization for anyone interested in or supportive of the activity profession. APAGD exists primarily to:

  • Enhance the professional and educational standards of the members
  • Improve the quality of activities provided by professionals employed in senior facilities
  • Educate other social and health professionals as to what our association represents
  • Raise awareness of the value of the life enrichment profession within the elder care industry and the contributions made to person-centered care

Meetings are held bi-monthly and are open to anyone who wants to come.


When is the next APAGD meeting?

You’ll find it on the event calendar here. Meetings are held every other month, usually on the 2nd Monday (unless rescheduled for holidays or other important events).


Why should I join APAGD?

There are so many reasons we gave them their own page. See it here.


Do I have to be working in the activity professional field to join APAGD?

Not at all; there are different levels of membership and one of them is bound to be right for you. Learn more here.


How do I become an Activity Professional?

The short answer: you need a high school diploma, experience working as an activity staff member or volunteer in long-term care, and to have passed the Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals (MEPAP) course. Learn more here.


What do those initials (ADC, NCCAP, MEPAP) mean?

NCCAP – the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals – offers the following certifications:

  • Activity Assistant Certified (AAC)
  • Activity Director Certified (ADC)
  • Activity Director Provisionally Certified (ADPC)
  • Activity Consultant Certified (ACC)
  • Home Care Certification (HCC)

MEPAP = Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals; MEPAP I & II are required components of becoming nationally certified. Several APAGD members are NCCAP-approved MEPAP Course Instructors.


What if I have another question?

For general questions about the field of activity professionals, email us at For questions about specific activities, post your question on our Facebook page to start a discussion.